Awards Ceremony

The 2021 Academic Awards Ceremony was held on Friday, May 21st at 9:00AM. You can find the recorded live stream of the Ceremony by clicking on the link below.

All 6th-8th Grade Students that participated in Sports/Extra Curricular activities were Honored. Awards were handed out to the following students:

Boys Basketball Awards Jim Koster Free-Throw Award

John Crane

A Team MVP

Jackson Sellett

B Team MVP Landon Raef

Most Improved

Robert Downey

Coaches Award

Lincoln Eitutis and Devin Zbrowoski

Volleyball Awards

A Team MVP

Callie Mertes

B Team MVP Molly Mudge

Most Improved

Ellie Brooks

Coaches Award


Spelling Bee

1st Place

Morgan Hoschied

Runner Up

Landon Gisler

Boots Temple Award


Haiden Ator


Elli Sines