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Lockdown Drill

Dear Dimmick Families,

Each year, the District is required to perform a series of drills in order to prepare students and staff in the even of severe weather, fire or need for a lockdown resulting from a threat. As a result of Public Act 102-0395, the District is required to provide advance notice of when it has scheduled a lockdown drill to take place.

The lockdown drill has been scheduled for September 16, 2021. The drill will NOT include simulations of an actual school shooting/threatening event, but rather serve to inform students and staff of what the alert notification sounds like and what steps to take to be safe.

If you wish your child to be exempt from participating in the lockdown drill or have any specific questions related to the lock down drill, please notify either Mrs. Rossman at or Mr. Linnig at

Thank you for your continued support!

Mr. Ryan Linnig Superintendent


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