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2022 Graduation

The Class of 2022 graduated on Friday, May 27th @ 6:00PM at an indoor ceremony here at Dimmick School.

Class of 2022

Brayden Anderson

Viktoria Bacidore

Lyla Brady

Katharine Doll

Chloe Dzierzynski

Landon Gisler

Sharia Grisham

McKenzie Krzyaniak

Emma McCook

Juniel Mondragon

Kenneth Mudge III

Molly Mudge

Gracie Politsch

Meredith Politsch

Sophia Pyszka

Landon Raef

Brianna Ruppert

Evan Wallace


Meredith Politsch


Katharine Doll

Special awards were given to the following students:

PTO Scholastic Award

Katharine Doll

Carly Genslinger-Leopold

Gracie Politsch

John Baker Citizenship Award

Sophia Pyszka

Kent Pratt Leadership Award

Lyla Brady

Eric Dawson Award

Landon Raef

President's Education Awards

Lyla Brady, Katharine Doll, Chloe Dzierzynski, Landon Gisler, Molly Mudge, Gracie Politsch, Meredith Politsch, Sophia Pyszka and Landon Raef.


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