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Parent/Teacher Conferences

This year we will be conducting Parent/Teacher Conferences on Monday, November 23 and Tuesday, November 24 via Google Meet/Phone. Please click on your Childs homeroom teachers name listed below to make an appointment through Calendly. One appointment per student. Appointments will need to be scheduled no later than Thursday, November 19th. All appointment reminders and information will be sent to the email that you have provided when scheduling your appointment through Calendly.

CLICK HERE for Step-by-Step Directions to set up appointments through Calendly.

Ms. Hendrix, Kindergarten

Ms. Larsen, First Grade

Mrs. Savage, Second Grade

Mrs. Ring, Third Grade

Mrs. Gerrard, Fourth Grade

Click Here to Schedule an Appointment with Mr. Arteaga, Fifth Grade

Click Here to Schedule an Appointment with Mr. King, Sixth Grade

Click Here to Schedule an Appointment with Mrs. Bazydlo, Seventh Grade

Click Here to Schedule an Appointment with Mrs. Bergandi, Eighth Grade

Parent/Teacher Conference Guide

The purpose of parent/teacher conferences is to build a collaborative and productive relationship between home and school. Since educating students is a team effort, good communication is essential to ensuring the greatest possible success.

This outline may serve as a guide for discussion points during your conference.

  • Study and Work Habits: Does my child...

    1. Work independently as appropriate for their age?​

    2. Seek Assistance When Appropriate?

    3. Complete both in class and homework assignments on time and correctly?

    4. Participate in class discussions/activities?

  • Attitudes/Behavior/Health: Does my child...

    1. Appear in Good Physical Health at School?​

    2. Exhibit any signs of tension or anxiety?

    3. Cooperate and Collaborate with Peers?

    4. Properly follow instructions?

  • Academic Achievement: Is my child...​

    1. Meeting the curriculum objectives?​

    2. Achieving at an appropriate level on tests, quizzes and district assessments?

  • Please be prompt to your scheduled conference and in order to minimize possible disruptions we ask that you please leave your cell phones off or in silent mode. We look forward to seeing you and to another great year!

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