Lunch Menu's for the 2019-20 School Year:


School Wellness Policy

Click here to view our School Wellness Policy 6:50 (Updated 3/22/19)

Lunch Count

Lunch orders need to be placed in advance; therefore in order to ensure an accurate count and for your child to be guaranteed a lunch, be sure completed monthly menus are returned to the office no later than noon on the last day of the preceding month.  Because of late menus in the past, turning in the lunch menu by the due date listed on the top of each menu will be MANDATORY for all students wishing to have hot lunch. No late menus will be accepted unless special arrangements have been made through the office a head of time.



Payments are to be made in full NO LATER than the last day of that month. If you do not make the full payment by the end of that month, we will not except the following months lunch menu.   No change will be given! Financial Assistance is available for those who qualify please ask office for details.



If your child does not eat on the days marked for hot lunch due to an excused absence, school closing, or school sponsored activities which results in not eating the lunches ordered, we will credit your child for that day. If however, your child wishes to eat cold lunch instead of hot lunch on the days they are marked hot they will not be credited, due to us having already ordered the food for that day. When the new monthly menu comes out there will be a credit/owe slip attached. When your receive a credit/owe slip with your lunch menu please do one of the following: If you have a credit, enclose the slip with your next lunch payment to receive your full credit. If you owe, please send the slip back with the money in the amount that you owe. If you do not receive a credit/owe slip you are on track with all payments.

EXAMPLES:      CREDIT $2.90         OWE ($2.90)

Paying in advance for hot lunches is accepted, we will keep the credit marked. If at any time you want to check your current balance you can check under the Fee section on your Teacher-Ease account or call the school office. Balances are broken down by students not family. Credit slips show current balance and can not be combined with other credit slips throughout the year.


Lunch Prices

We will be receiving our hot lunches from Peru School District daily.  Lunches will be $2.90 per meal. This meal includes one pint of milk. If your child wishes to have extra milk it is an additional .40¢ - Change for additional milk must be brought in separate, it can not paid for in advance.


Lunch Times

Kindergarten - 4th Grade: 11:50AM-12:10PM
5th Grade - 8th Grade: 12:14PM-12:35PM
*Please bring cold lunches in NO LATER than 11:30AM.


Birthday Treats

We strive to build healthy lifestyle choices through the Physical Education and Health Curriculum as well as by district policy and the example we set as educators. School wellness includes good nutrition, physical activity and fitness. As a result of this policy SODA AND UNHEALTHY SNACKS/FOOD WILL NOT BE DISTRIBUTED TO STUDENTS DURING SCHOOL DAYS. Parents are encouraged to do the same in packing lunches. Homemade treats are allowed, but please check with your child's teachers for any students that may have food allergies or special requirements.


PTO Salad Bar

Twice a month PTO will offer students a salad bar. Prices will remain the same as regular hot lunches and will include milk.  PLEASE NOTE: THE PTO SALAD BAR IS NOT A PART OF THE NATIONAL SCHOOL LUNCH PROGRAM.


Goals for Nutrition Education and Nutrition Promotion

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If you have any questions please fell free to call us 815.223.2933