Illinois Cement Mine Expansion Information

Illinois Cement - Dimmick Quarry Documents Related to the Proposed Expansion:  


**The City of LaSalle Planning Commission will hold a public hearing to consider petitions on matters pertaining to Illinois Cement proposed expansion on Thursday, November 29, 2018 at 5:30PM at the LaSalle City Hall.**


November 27 Public Information Night Questions *Updated 11/28/18*

Q & A - Mr. Linnig and Attorney Duncan *Updated 11/20/18*

East 3rd Road Relocation Plan *Updated 11/20/18*

East 3rd Road Petition *Updated 11/20/18*

North 31st Road Petition *Updated 11/20/18*

Illinois Surface Mined Land Conservation and Reclamation Act (225 ILCS 715-1) *Upadated 11/12/18*

Annexation, Zoning & Special Use Permits *Updated 11/9/18*

East 3rd - Brief Description and Road Design *Updated 11/9/18*

Relocated East 3rd Road - Draft Map *Updated 11/9/18*

Planning Commission Members *Updated 11/9/18*