Student Dress Code

Our dress code is designed to encourage and promote self-respect and pride in appearance and represent the District’s three behavioral expectations; be responsible, be respectful and be a role model.  The following is required:

  1. Tops - Short or long sleeved t-shirts, polo shirts, button down shirts, sweaters and/or sweatshirts may be worn. All tops should have either a crew neck or collar and cover the entire torso. Clothing may not be see-through. Low or plunging necklines are unacceptable. No sleeveless shirts, tank tops or spaghetti straps will be acceptable unless they are covered by other articles of clothing that are sleeved and cover the shoulders.
  2. Bottoms - Pants, shorts, skirts and dresses must be worn appropriately. Shorts or skirts must extend beyond finger-tip length. Clothing must be worn at or above the waist-line. No rips or tears will be acceptable unless they are located from the knees down. Underwear should not be visible at any time.
  3. Foot wear - For safety reasons, students are strongly encouraged to wear shoes that will allow them to run and play at recess safely. At a minimum, footwear must cover the toes and have straps around the heel that will safely secure the footwear. Flip flops will not be permitted for safety reasons.
  4. Accessories/Grooming/General - This policy prohibits any clothing, grooming and/or accessories from including pictures, designs, innuendos or references to or ads regarding; tobacco, alcohol, drugs, sexual/racist and/or discriminatory comments, offensive/obscene and/or questionable language or slogans or any message deemed to be inappropriate for school. Hats, caps, head coverings, sweatband, spiked apparel, chains and sunglasses may not be worn inside the building. Hairstyles shall not be extreme style or color. Only naturally occurring colors will be permitted. Standard ear piercing is acceptable however ear gauging, mouth and nose piercings are not permitted. Accessories may not be extreme in nature and may not depict any gang affiliations.
  5. Weather Related - Lunch recess, weather permitting, is scheduled each day for all students. Please send children to school with clothing that is appropriate for the weather conditions. In order to play in the snow during winter months, students must have the following: snow pants, jacket, boots, hat and gloves.


Students in violation of the dress code will receive a demerit and parents will be contacted.  A change of clothes will need to be brought to school to correct the issue.  For issues not specifically stated in the policy, the administration will decide appropriateness. Please note that throughout the school year there will be special occasions that will warrant exceptions to the dress code.  Notices will be distributed to address those occasions.


PROPER CLOTHING FOR P.E.:  Students must have appropriate clothing for Physical Education.  Clothing must allow students to participate in any assigned activity without restrictions.  Therefore, tennis shoes must be worn at all times for both inside and outside P.E. classes.  When P.E. is inside, a designated non-scuffing inside pair of tennis shoes must be worn.  4th-8th Grade students will be required to wear school issued uniforms for all indoor P.E. classes and when appropriate for outdoor P.E.  Students lacking proper clothing will receive a “No Dress” and be required to complete a teacher selected assignment in lieu of participation.