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Mrs. Bazydlo’s 8th Grade Consumer Education: Economic Systems Building Project

This week the 8th grade students have been learning about the various types of Economic Systems in Mrs. Bazydlo’s class.  They have been comparing the four main types of economic systems and what makes each one unique. On Wednesday they were able to complete a hands on activity where they assembled various items following the guidelines they were given in regards to jobs for each of the group members and how the items were to be assembled.  At the end of the activity, the students compared the profit that they made when they were following the guidelines of the market economy compared to the guidelines that were laid out for the traditional and command economies. The group that earned the most profit when their earnings were added up from all of the three systems were Macklin, Milana, Madison and Adam.  Great job 8th grade, keep up the good work. Stay tuned for pictures from their upcoming field trip to North Central Bank in Ladd where they will see how our banking system works.