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Aden Lamps 5K

On Saturday September 14th, students and teachers from Dimmick School volunteered their time and participated in the 7th Annual Aden Lamps 5K at Hall High School.  The 5K is put on by the Aden Lamps Foundation, which was founded by Ashley and Andy Lamps who currently have two children that attend Dimmick School, Owen (4th) and Camden (K) and Andy is also the Assistant Boys’ Basketball Coach.  

The foundation is devoted to helping build awareness of Sudden Unexpected Infant Death and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and preventing it from happening to another family.  Every year they host an Annual 5k Run/Walk for SUID Awareness to help raise funds for purchasing the items that we donate to local hospitals and organizations for families with a newborn.In keeping Aden’s memory alive, the Lamps family is devoted to helping build awareness and preventing this tragic loss from happening to another family. They strive to provide tools and information to as many parents of newborns as they can on safe sleeping practices and preventing a death due to SUID/SIDS.

Thank You to the Lamps family for allowing us to once again volunteer and participate in the 5K and  to be apart of such a wonderful and meaningful fundraiser.  

For more information on SUID/SIDS or how you can become involved or contribute to the Aden Lamps Foundation, please visit their website at www.adenlampsfoundation.org