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Student Pick Up Reminders

If you plan to pick up your child(ren) at the end of the school day, be sure to notify us in one of the following three ways:


  1. EACH CHILD will need to bring in a note and give it to their homeroom teacher in the morning.
  2. Call the school office at 815.223.2933 BEFORE NOON.
  3. Send an email to the homeroom teacher AND BOTH of our office members cwineinger@dimmick175.com and jkrolak@dimmick175.com BEFORE NOON
    Staff Members e-mail addresses are listed under the ‘About Us’ section on the left hand side of our website www.dimmick175.com.


We need to reduce disruptions to class time and make sure that students know where they are supposed to report at the end of the day to prevent any issues.

If the office and teachers are not notified before noon, they will send your child home on the bus unless a parent/guardian comes into the school to sign them out before school dismisses.

If you plan to pick up your child every day of the school year, please be sure to notify the office and your child will be permanently placed on the car rider list.

For the safety of all of our students, we dismiss bus riders from the building first. Once all students have boarded the buses and the buses pull out of the of the parking lot, we will dismiss car riders. We ask that you please remain parked until all students have gotten into their cars.  Once all students are safety in their cars, then you may pull out of the parking lot. Again, we want to stress the importance of student safety first and foremost.

Thank You for making safety a top priority for all students! –Mr. Ryan Linnig, Superintendent