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IAR Testing - Breakfast Kick Off


Dear Parents/Guardians,

The IAR and Science assessments will be administered beginning Monday, April 1 and through Thursday, April 11. These assessments are used by the Illinois State Board of Education as a measure of accountability for all public schools. All students in 3rd -8th grade will take the IAR which assesses Reading and Math proficiency and all 5th and 8th grade students will take the Illinois Science Assessment.

ISBE will be evaluating each school by assigning a “grade” 75% of which will be based on the results of these assessments. The grades will then be published comparing school districts throughout the state. While the State is using these assessments as the primary factor in evaluating and holding public schools accountable, we want to continue to stress that they are only one indicator of a child’s knowledge and performance.

The standards in these assessments are embedded in our curriculum, however; they are by no means all we teach. We remain committed to providing high quality instruction in all areas; reading, math, science, writing, social studies, physical education, fine arts, Spanish and STEM. These opportunities allow our students to learn and excel in a wide range of areas so that they can develop a passion for learning and motivation to achieve.

We do not want our students to feel pressure or anxiety while taking these assessments. We just ask them to do their best since we expect that from our students in everything they do. Tests such as these can help to prepare students to take future assessments such as the Explore or PSAT for entrance into high school or the ACT and SAT for entrance into college.

Our goal is to complete most, if not all of the test sessions the first week to minimize the disruption to instruction. We encourage parents and guardians to make sure your child is in attendance during the first week of testing to prevent the need for make-up tests which consume additional instruction time. We also encourage you to make sure your child gets a good night’s sleep and eats a good breakfast.

Students will take three to four tests in Math and in Reading/English Language Arts depending on their grade level. Students in 5 th and 8 th grade will also take an additional test in Science. Depending on the grade level and subject, students will have between 60 and 90 minutes to complete each test. Total testing time this year has been reduced following feedback from parents and administrators throughout the State.

Our goal is to make the most of our testing week by making it as positive of an experience as we can. We will hold a “Kick off testing week breakfast” on Monday, April 1 from 8:30 AM-9:00 AM. As an incentive, students that maximize the time provided will be entered into a drawing to win a lunch from Obee’s Sub Shoppe. This year, our goal is to improve our overall performance in Math, Science and Reading from last year. We will recognize individuals earning “exceeds” with a certificate of achievement.

We are proud of our students, staff and school and will continue to focus on doing what is best to ensure the success of every child. With your support we will continue the tradition of excellence that has made Dimmick a leader in education. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your child’s teacher or myself. Thank you for your continued support of our students and school district!

Sincerely, Mr. Linnig Superintendent/Principal 

*****We will be kicking off IAR Testing Week with a special breakfast on Monday morning that will be provided by Dimmick School. It is important that your child(ren) get a good night’s rest and a nutritious breakfast all week so that they are alert and prepared to do their very best.*****