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Food Competition

Our 7th and 8th Grade classes had to take on a new challenge in their physical education class recently. As part of a healthy lifestyle, PE teacher Mr. Foster decided to partner up students and have a cooking unit similar to the TV show “Chopped.” Students were given 5 specific ingredients that they had to use to prepare a dish. They did however have the option to add 10 additional ingredients. Dishes were judged on presentation, taste, creativity and effective use of ingredients.

All of the students did an excellent job and had a lot of fun preparing these meals. Winners from 7th Grade were Katrina Moats, Megan McGuire, Jenny Coss, Grace Eitutis and Allie Leone. (They had prepared parmesan alfredo, potatoes, breaded chicken and a slushy.) 8th Grade winners were Brady Mudge, Kadyn Guynn, Katelyn Pullam and Leighanne Turner. (They had prepared a cream cheese chicken breast with bacon, mashed sweet potatoes and a chocolate covered strawberry.)

Congratulations to all on such a good job! Below are some pictures from the cooking unit food competition.

See Video1: Here

See Video2: Here