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Dimmick School Presents at School Board Convention

Dear Dimmick Community,

We are proud to inform you that Dimmick School was recently selected to present on the topic of “Engaging Students with Low Cost and No Cost STEM Experiences” at the Joint Annual Leadership Conference in Chicago.  The conference is attended by school board members, administrators and legislators from all over Illinois.  Mrs. Rossman, Science/STEM Instructor & Principal, Mr. Haas, Vice President of the School Board and Mr. Linnig, Superintendent represented Dimmick on the presentation panel.  We pride ourselves on being an area leader in education and want to do our part to share with others the great things that are happening at Dimmick School.  We want to congratulate Mrs. Rossman on an outstanding job presenting and sharing the many great STEM opportunities that Dimmick has to offer its students at the conference.  Please be sure to click on the link below to view the presentation with videos or check out the attached PDF for the version without.  


Click Here for Google Link Presentation 
(includes video)

Click Here for PDF Presentation