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Kindness Rocks


Dear Parents,

In recent Art classes, you child has been painting a rock(s). You may think I'm crazy, but bear with me... It is part of the Kindness Rocks Project that has recently begun worldwide! The ideas behind the Kindness Rocks Project is that you paint a rock (or several) with "kind" messages and then place them somewhere in the community. The goal is that hopefully someone... perhaps someone (maybe desperately) needing a kind word that day, will find the rock and cherish it, even if it came from a complete stranger! The guidelines are very easy: 1) You paint a rock including a KIND message. 2) You place the rock, somewhere in the community. 3) You may take a picture and/or leave hints where you placed you rock on a "Kindness Rocks" website. 4) If YOU find a rock, you may keep it and cherish it, or you may place it in an alternative location for someone else to find. Also, you can take a picture of a rock you found and post it to the website so the original artist knows their rock was found! 5) That's basically it!! Just spread the word of KINDNESS.... one rock at a time!!! Your child has written "IV Kindness Rocks" on the back of their painted rock. This is the local "Kindness Rocks" Facebook page, where you can see if your child's rock has been discovered, that is, if the "finder" chooses to post a picture. You can also see other local artists rock creations and maybe see hints where they may be "hidden." If you have access to the internet and have a Facebook account, you can take a picture of our child’s rock before placing it, and post it to the website. If you do not have a Facebook account, and would like me to post a picture of their rock, just let me know and I will be happy to do so. Here are just a few suggestions for places to put the rocks: Outside a local business or hospital, at a local park or state park, at the YMCA or local community center, outside the local homeless shelter, outside of a school you don't attend outside of a nursing home. Use your imagination... and be creative! You may just make someone's day brighter!!! Thank you for your participation in this project!!

-Mrs. Rathburn, Art Teacher