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Braves Cuties

Braves Cuties Parent Information

Thursday, November 30th  3:30PM-5:00PM
Friday, December 1st 3:30PM-5:00PM

Tuesday, December 5th at Home Game

In between 6th and 7th Grade Games

When you arrive at game, we will have someon in front entryway to greet you and sign your daughter "cutie" in. Please keep their coats, misc. with you.

  • Parents, fans, please sit on Dimmick Home Side (this is the west side).
  • After performance the cuties will elave gym floor and we will bring them to lunch room.
  • Please come and claim your cutie!
  • Thank you for joining in our Dimmick School Spirit.
  • Don't Forget! Black Pants, and Gym Shoes, Hair pulled up in high ponytail if possibly.

"We cheer, we love it." -Chris Pohar