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Trivia Night 2017

Trivia Night 2017

The results are in:  Our total profit for Dimmick’s 15th Annual Trivia Night was        $ 4079.  We were very pleased with the results.  There were 13 teams, consisting of 102 players.  Thanks to all who played and organized a team.

“Five of the Finest” Facts:  We are grateful to the five restaurants that donated half the value of the dining gift certificates...you are five of the finest!  To all the families who bought or sold these tickets, the sale of those tickets alone earned

$ 1349.  We couldn’t have done it without you.  Thank you!


Dining certificate winners:

                                 Brenda Donovan  –  The Haze

                                 Becky Templeton – Uptown

                                 Jill McLaughlin – Cabin Fever

                                 Carl Robinson – Mario’s Maples

                                 Roxanne Draper – Bartley’s Supper Club


Raffle Row:  The ever-popular Raffle Row, consisting of classroom baskets and various items donated by businesses and individuals, was again very popular with the trivia players.  Players and volunteers tried to win items from an array of 43 prize groupings.  Many Dimmick families generously contributed money or items for the nine classroom baskets, with many families donating to more than one basket.  The room moms did an amazing job.  We appreciate all the hours spent obtaining donations from parents and the miles driven to obtain the items needed for the creation of these wonderful prizes.  Many room moms contributed their own money to ensure the desirability of the basket that would represent their class.  Thank you for the great variety of prizes and the clever methods used in their display.  The Dimmick Student Council, individual Dimmick families and staff members, and area businesses also gave prizes.  These much needed “extras” guaranteed the success of Raffle Row, which earned the PTO

 $ 1346.  You all made Raffle Row very special.


Other Raffles: The Yeti cooler and its contents, donated by the 2nd grade classroom, were used in a separate raffle, and earned $900.


Workers:  We appreciated all the faculty/staff members who donated time to this PTO fundraiser by helping transport prizes and help set up on Friday evening.  Thank you to the parent and faculty/staff members who worked all or part of the night of the event.  Whether it was assistance in designing the signs and layout for the trivia sheets, serving as a judge or scorekeeper, or working the raffle tables, your assistance made the night flow smoothly. 


Thank you all so much.

Marion Conerton & Deb Black
Trivia Committee