2019-20 Bus Route Schedules:

BUS SCHEDULES:  Below is a list of Pick-Up and Drop-Off schedules for the 2019-20 School Year.

Parents Please Note: All times listed are estimated times and may not be exact times. Please be flexible due to the uncertainty of day-to-day transportation.

Route 1 - Bus Driver: Holly

Route 2 - Bus Driver: Ray

Route 3 - Bus Driver: Bob

Route 4 - Bus Driver: Renee


Bus Transportation and Student Pick Up Policy:

Please click here for Pick-Up/Drop-Off Procedures


Bus Rules

BUS RULES:  Safety on the buses is our primary concern.  In order to facilitate safe transportation for all children parents are asked to stress the following rules with their children:

  • Students should be at their pickup location on time and remain back from the road until the bus comes to a complete stop and the bus driver signals them to board.

  • Students must wait for the driver’s signal before crossing the road

  • Aisles must be kept clear at all times.

  • Students must sit in assigned seats at all times and remain seated until the bus comes to a complete stop.

  • Food, gum, candy and beverages are prohibited from use on the bus.

  • No objects which may obstruct the drivers view will be permitted.

  • No Cell phones may be used on buses at any time.  If in use, they will be confiscated by the drivers and turned into the office.

  • Talking must be at a conversational level.

  • Electronic devices are permitted on the bus however; they must remain at a level in which the student can easily hear the bus driver’s directions.  Neither the school nor the bus company is responsible for lost/stolen items.  Devices may be banned if they become distracting or if rules are not followed.

  • Students are expected to follow behavioral expectations at all times.

Rules have been established to ensure the safe transport of students and staff. Buses are equipped with electronic recording devices that have audio and visual capabilities. These tapes are reviewed routinely. In the event misconduct is reported, they may be turned over to the appropriate school authorities. Students who repeatedly violate transportation rules may be suspended or excluded from bus service.


Bus Discipline

BUS DISCIPLINE:  If misconduct occurs on the bus, the driver will make a written referral to the principal.  The following sequence of discipline will normally be followed.  However, extreme acts of misconduct on the bus endanger health and safety.  Accordingly, students may be excluded from riding the bus and may be disciplined by suspension or expulsion for extreme misconduct.

1st  Referral within the semester:    Administrator conference with student and the bus driver fills out a discipline form to be sent home and signed and returned by the parent/guardian.

2nd  Referral within the semester:   5 day suspension from bus and the bus driver fills out a discipline  form to be sent home and signed by the parent/guardian.  Parents will also be contacted by phone.

3rd  Referral within the semester:    Semester suspension from bus and a parent conference.

Daily bus transportation to and from school is provided for all students.  *If your child will not be riding the bus in the morning, parents should contact Illinois Central Bus Company at 815-220-8800 no later than 7:00 AM.  A written notice must be given to the office and bus driver if their child will not be riding the bus home or if alternate arrangements have been made.  Parents should use the WEST lot when dropping off or picking up students to avoid the bus lane.  Parents/guardians needing to pick up their children during the school day must enter the building through the main entrance and sign them out in the office.

Parents/guardians who move from the district before the end of the school year may finish at Dimmick; however parents must provide their own transportation to and from school. 

Students must get on and off at designated stops unless authorized by the Superintendent or designee.  Parents/guardians must request either in writing or by phone call to the office that a student has alternate transportation arrangements.  The bus driver will be notified of any changes.  Bus routes will be determined based upon a student’s primary residence.  Routes will not be altered to accommodate alternative pick up and drop off arrangements unless it is due to a road closure.

Bicycles and any motorized vehicles are not permitted as a means of student transportation to or from school and are not permitted on school grounds unless operated by an adult.

  We want to remind everyone that in order to ensure the safety of all our students at dismissal time, we ask parents/guardians picking up their children to park along the yellow lined sidewalk that runs along the north and east edge of the west parking lot. This will prevent students from running out and in the way of vehicles. Please notify anyone that may be picking up your child(ren) so that they too are aware of the procedures.

  • If you are the first vehicle to arrive, pull forward to the furthest position west along the sidewalk. 
  • Then, the next car will continue forward, parking just behind the car in front to create a single line.   We ask that you pull close enough to the vehicle in front of you to ensure there is enough space to accommodate all vehicles.  
  • Please remain parked until all students are loaded on buses or in vehicles and the vehicle in front of you pulls away.  
  • If you are coming into the school for any reason, need to talk to someone or notice that the west lot is full, please park in the east lot so that others are not held up. 


For any questions regarding the bus please call the bus company at their direct number 815.220.8800. Please also note that the bus company usually gives the school information about bus pick up and drop off times closer to the first day of school.